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New Systems If you Have an Accident Driving a Car

When you are driving a car, if you have an accident you know there are certain things you need to do such as call 911 and, if you can ensure the vehicle is safe.

However there may be situations when you cannot do this because you are unconscious, or injured, or trapped in your vehicle and unable to move.

Now and in the future, more and more vehicles are being programmed to be able to handle an emergency situation on your behalf. For example, Daimler Chrysler has what they call an Enhanced Accident Emergency System or EARS which, in the event of an accident when the airbag deploys, turns on the interior lighting, unlocks the doors and shuts off the fuel. Volkswagen has a similar system which also switches on the hazard lights and disconnects the battery terminal from the alternator.

GM and BMW in addition have a system which automatically alerts their response centers, OnStar in the case of GM and Assist for BMW. Once the response center has the information they pass it on to the emergency responders.

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